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Postby Hub » Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:39 am

Hi Koby,
Did you really post this question October 3rd? If so how, come I'm only seeing it now, Wednesday October 11th - I'm on this thing everyday I don't know how I missed you.
Well in any event please accept my sincere apology for doing so.
Your list is pretty complete - however I will expand on it a little.
#1 - Starting with the primer / primer surfacer / primer sealer - with the recommended reducers and hardeners- * make sure they are compitable with the substrate and color coat.
#2 - Sand paper - proper grits for primers and color sanding.
#3 - Color - Base coat or single stage - proper temperature range reducer and hardener.
#4 - Masking tape - three sizes - Fine line, 3/4 and 2 inch
#5 - Masking machine with - 6 - 12 - & 36 inch paper
#6 - Glass cleaner for detailing

I am :o and :oops:
Please let me know if you were patient enough to read this.
"HUB" :)
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