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PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:49 am
by Dlorah
Hub could you give me some pointers on PATTERN OVERLAP awhile back I bot a purple cap for my LPH400 and you sent me a copy of the OM which helped a lot. I just bot a WS400 compliant do have an OM for it?
thanx dr


PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:52 pm
by Hub
Good Morning dl,
Sorry no OM for the WS. The WS does not require the same strict adjustments as the LPH400LVB.
Try these setting for starters,
Material control knob set full open
Set fan control knob all the way to the left
Make sure the air valve in the handle is full open
Set the inlet air at 29 PSI
Spray distance 6 inches
Remember these are starter settings so try them on an old panel not the real thing, then fine tune the settings to your liking.
You know the old saying practice makes perfect - it works!