Too much moisture in my air!

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Too much moisture in my air!

Postby norwood » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:17 am

Hey Hub and everyone,

I'm almost ready to spray my car. Got the primer, picking up the topcoat tomorrow. I'm going with a Transtar one-stage primer and a Limco urethane single stage topcoat. This is an old Toyota FJ that will be going offroad, so ease of paint repair (i.e., no clearcoat) is a priority, but I'd still like it to look decent.

Here's the issue. In using my air tools recently, I've noticed a disturbing amount of moisture coming out. Here's the setup:

Emglo 3hp / 17 gallon tank (I know that's a small tank, but keep in mind "3hp" means 20cfm in this case)
Air filters: Wilkerson F16 (5 micron) and M26 (coalescing filter)
Pressure regulation: Emglo regulator at the compressor, Iwata regulator at the gun
Hose: 3/8 x 50 feet

Is the problem that my hose is too long? I'm also planning to use one of those little orange plastic filters at the gun, but with the amount of moisture I'm getting, I'm thinking this may overwhelm the little filter on a long job. I don't think the problem is my compressor, because when I drain the tank I don't get any unusual amount of water. But I'm sort of surprised that there can be so much moisture without much water ending up in the coalescing filter, when I drain it?

I'm hoping to spray tomorrow -- any advice is welcome! thanks...
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Water in air hose

Postby Hub » Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:29 am

Hello Norwood,
There isn't any water in the tank, because the air doesn't stay there long enough to lower the dew point (dew point is the temperature at which water vapor (cah) turns to liquid) hence water in the line- & ultimately in the paint - NOT GOOD - Coalescing filter are built to remove mist oil (vapor) again NG. If I read you correctly there is no hard piping - just 50' of hose from compressor to point of use.
If you have time I'd suggest hard piping & a proper water trap.
If not use the D12 orange desposable filter - I'd buy 2 and half way through the job I'd put a new one on.

Good Luck
"HUB" :)
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